Snow white christmas coloring pages

However, a large ice block melts, freeing the Wicked Queen, who has been encased within it ever since her defeat. Returning to her castle, she finds her Magic Mirror still in place and conjures a magical ice storm that freezes the entire kingdom, just barely missing princess Snow White who is told by her mother to find the Seven Dwarfs, immediately before her parents are transformed into ice statues. Grunyon, who was also spared being frozen, leads Snow White into the forest to escape the storm. After finding their way into the Warm Valley, they accidentally wander upon a giant garden and two giants appear (Finicky and Corny) who mistake them for bugs and try to squash them. Snow White starts crying, and Grunyon scolds the giants who apologize and introduce themselves through song, along with five other giants (Thinker, Hicker, Tiny, Weeper, and Brawny). Turns out they are cousins of the Seven Dwarfs. After hearing their story, they take pity on Snow White and Grunyon, and allow them to stay in their cottage.