Ramona quimby coloring pages

Ramona Geraldine Quimby is a fictional character in an eponymous series by Beverly Cleary. She starts out in the Henry Huggins series as the pestering little sister of Henry’s friend Beatrice, his new best friend, called “Beezus” by Ramona and her family. She was given a larger role in the novel Beezus and Ramona, where Ramona appears to be a very undisciplined little girl, doing relativity awful things and getting away with it close to completely unpunished. The series then concentrated on Ramona from nursery school to 4th grade, touching on social issues such as a parent losing their job, financial instability, the death of a family pet, school bullies, divorce, marriage, sibling relations and experiencing the addition of a new sibling, and more, all of which explore growing up in middle-class America.