Looney tunes basketball coloring pages

The game features 2-on-2 gameplay. Up to four human players can play simultaneously with the SNES Multitap. Players can collect gems on the court to purchase in-game power-ups, such as a protective forcefield or a cream pie to throw at opponents. Another power-up which can be purchased is a character-unique signature long-range shot (for a 3-point field goal). These shots can only be used by a character on his defensive side of the court and if his team has the funds to do so, but the shot always travels in the direction of the goal his team is attacking. The game ball will, at random, turn into a dog which will run around the court and automatically does this when a shot-clock violation occurs. The game also includes in-game cheat codes, which can be used during gameplay, and are activated by inputting specific sequential button presses.