Fnaf 4 coloring pages

Unlike previous Five Nights at Freddy’s games, the game is not set in a security office, but in a child’s bedroom; there are also no security cameras and instead of “Phone Guy”, the player is given on-screen instructions to help the player during the game. The player is equipped with a flashlight, similar to the second game, although the light has unlimited power. It can be used to ward away any animatronics seen down the hallway; however, if the player hears either Nightmare Bonnie’s or Nightmare Chica’s breathing at the door or they see Nightmare Fredbear or Nightmare upon turning on the flashlight, they must immediately close the door. Despite this, the door will eventually open ajar as the player walks away. The player must also monitor the closet to avoid getting attacked by Nightmare Foxy by closing it if necessary, similar to the first game, as well as shooing three miniature animatronics nicknamed ‘Freddles’ by the FNAF community off the bed before they, once all three are together, summon Nightmare Freddy to attack the player. If the player is not careful in shining the light towards the hallways or leaves the doors, closet and bed unattended for too long, the player will be jumpscared, leading to a game over.