Farmall m coloring pages

Beginning in 1941, the M’s production coincided with the Farmall MD, a diesel version of the M that would start on gasoline until warmed up sufficiently to switch to diesel. A total of 18,253 MD tractors were produced. In addition, IH produced the Farmall Super M from 1952 to 1954. The Super M featured a larger engine displacement than the standard M, at 264 cu in (4,330 cc). Variations of the Super M, the Super MD (a diesel version of the Super M) and the Super MTA (with a torque amplifier), were produced. In all, IH produced 44,551 Super M tractors, 5,199 Super MD tractors and 26,924 Super MTA tractors. High-clearance variants for farming vegetables and other high crops were also produced, including the Farmall MV and the MDV (diesel).