El toro loco coloring pages

With the truck being in the Top 10 of top merchandise sales with Monster Jam, the team was expanded to now 4 trucks as of 2012. The trucks are similar in terms of body design, but each chassis is unique and different. Marc McDonald is considered the “leader” of the pact of trucks, and he drives the newest El Toro Loco of anybody, with a Carroll Racing Development (CRD) chassis, featuring a lower center-of-gravity design and a softer landing suspension. Becky McDonough drives a Patrick Enterprises Incorporated (PEI) chassis, that is a couple of years old, and has been used before in competition. Chuck Werner was a part of Meents Racing a few years before, so his chassis is a Willman-style chassis, with the engine in the front and the axles designed a little different from many others. Aaron Basl and Ryan Huffaker use to share driving duties with a Racesource designed chassis by monster truck racing legend Pablo Huffaker until 2014 where they pilot the Wolverine monster truck.