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After Fall Out Boy’s hiatus in late 2009, Stump embarked on a solo side project. His first solo album, Soul Punk, was tentatively scheduled for release in February 2011, with Stump saying in November 2010, “the album should be out in February [2011] and as can be inferred from the long delay, it’s changed dramatically from the album I alluded to a year ago [. . . ] As for the delay of the album itself, I’d say it’s been less about the music or recording and more about all the other things that finish the thought, I just want to make sure I go to sleep at night knowing I’m not half-assing this. ” However, in February 2011 there was no album release lead up, and Truant Wave was released instead on February 22 after Stump announced it the week before, with no promotion or lead up.